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What debug mode?

Of course there is a debug mode. Doesn't every Unix program have one?

So tell me about it...

To get into debug mode from the Linux command line you can specify '-d' or '--debug'. From interactive mode you can use the 'd' command at the top level.

The follwing commands are added to the top level commands:

  a    toggle abbreviate flag
  p    toggle physical flag
  c    toggle compute size flag
  d    toggle debug flag
  x    examine block n of device
Abbreviate partition types. When set causes the display of a partition table to show a four character abbreviation rather than the full partition type. Shows '????' for unrecognized types.
Show physical versus logical limits. When unset causes the partition table display to show logical limits of partition rather than physical. Only really useful for A/UX.
Causes pdisk to always ignore the device size listed in the partition table and compute the device size by other means.
Turn debug mode on and off.
Enter the 'expert' menu.

Expert command mode looks like:

  The expert commands are for low level and experimental features.
  These commands are available only when debug mode is on.

Commands are:
  h    print help
  d    dump block n
  p    print the partition table
  P    (show data structures  - debugging)
  f    full display of nth entry
  v    validate map
  e    examine patch partition
  q    return to main edit menu
  Q    quit without saving changes

Last Updated: 2000-05-16