Kuan - Contemplation (View)

     20.  Kuan - Contemplation (View)

          -----     above     Sun    The Gentle, Wind
          -- --
          -- --
          -- --     below     K'un   The Receptive, Earth
          -- --

     The Judgement

          Contemplation. The ablution has been made,
          But not yet the offering.
          Full of trust they look up to him.

     The Image

          The wind blows over the earth:
          The image of Contemplation.
          Thus the kings of old visited the regions of the world,
          Contemplated the people,
          And gave them instruction.

     The Lines

          Six at the beginning means:
          Boylike contemplation.
          For an inferior man, no blame.
          For a superior man, humiliation.

          Six in the second place means:
          Contemplation through the crack of the door.
          Furthering for the perseverance of a woman.

          Six in the third place means:
          Contemplation of my life
          Decides the choice
          Between advance and retreat.

          Six in the fourth place means:
          Contemplation of the light of the kingdom.
          It furthers one to exert influence as the guest of a king.

     ()   Nine in the fifth place means:
          Contemplation of my life.
          The superior man is without blame.

     ()   Nine at the top means:
          Contemplation of his life.
          The superior man is without blame.


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